Wednesday, May 28, 2008

sunday afternoon at the pond

Last Sunday we met the fam at beautiful, historic Main St. Unionville and took Sara for a walk at Toogood pond. While we waited for Grandma and Grandpa to arrive Sara did one of her new favourite things - cruising around her umbrella stroller, playing with the straps and telling little stories ("sha sha sha...")
She really enjoyed the sunshine, water, ducks, geese, and of course the people. She attracts admirers wherever we go, and it fills me with pride and happiness that others think she's as adorable as we do! This is also quite possibly the cutest toddler outfit ever... I picked up the sundress at H&M, and her squeaky shoes are just too much.

We also took her for her first patio lunch of the season, and she hammed it up playing peekaboo at the table. I can't wait for more summer days outdoors!

And... the other day she learned a new skill. Are you ready for it? She gives kisses. When we hold her and say "kiss?", she leans in and gives the softest, sweetest, yummiest 'mw-ah' on our lips. Love, love.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

mother's day

This weekend was full, full... not of errands and chores, but happy moments, smiles, and cuddles. First I got my hair cut (a lot)... and look, it's straight!

Then I picked up this vintage sewing box at a garage sale for $4 , which is now a lovely new home for......organizing all of my paints!
We've been working hard on setting up our deck for the summer, and we got this Muskoka chair in my perfect shade of green last week. On Saturday I potted some geraniums and some fresh herbs (basil = gobs of fresh pesto. Yum.) I love how this little reading spot came together and while Sara was out with Ian I got in a few pages of this book. It's such a good, inspirational read for anyone who appreciates and loves good food.
And for Mother's Day we had brunch out at one of my favourite local spots, followed by lots of cuddles and playtime while Sara pushed her dump truck around! Sara was tired and/or teething again by the end of the day, so after everyone went home we had quiet time and I've just tucked her into bed.
The perfect Mother's Day weekend with our little family. Tonight I will go to sleep feeling happy, fulfilled and truly blessed.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

a swingin' time

This past weekend was full of smiles as Sara and I had mommy-daughter weekend. It was the first weekend since going back to work that we didn't have a lot going on, and for the first stretch of time I felt like we were really "us" again.

We lazed about on Saturday morning in our bed for cuddles and some playtime. I love this time. It reminds me of when mornings were not rushed, and I get to see her smiling face when she first wakes up and babbles away until I come into her room. We went to the park, did some shopping for some summer jammies and shorts, and enjoyed not one but two BBQs across the street. Sara had her first outdoor dinner of the season, and had fun walking around the grass after her big red ball while I held her hands. Teaching a toddler to walk makes for a very sore back, but it's amazing!

Monday, April 21, 2008

I was only late with the post, not the party...

Honestly, these days I can hardly believe how organized you have to be as a working mom. Those who know me well can attest to the fact that I am an organized person - and I pride myself on it - but in the past few weeks I have joined the ranks of women who, despite all the best intentions, find themselves scatterbrained, terrible with answering friends' emails or calls, trying to figure out when exactly we're supposed to DO everything, and desperately seeking her memory. I can only hope that if push comes to shove I am genetically programmed to remember something I need to for Sara, not where I put that folder on my office desk.

Finally, some pictures from her birthday party on April 12. She was a little shy at first with so many people in the house, but then she relaxed and had a great time. She didn't even fuss at the paparazzi cupcake on the highchair tray moment, she even laughed and clapped her hands while we all sang happy birthday!
Not sure about the cupcake at first, but she ate some! Vanilla (after we successfully introduced whole eggs earlier that week), with homemade buttercream frosting that I dyed pink with pureed raspberries.

The few seconds before she pulled her party hat off!Quite a haul...
The next day, trying out her new phone to make some calls!This past weekend we bought her first pair of real shoes. We took her to a well known neighbourhood childrens' shoe store, and she looks like such a big girl in them! So adorable. If she wasn't going to grow out of them in 3 months, and they didn't recommend just one pair of shoes for consistency while she learns to walk, I would have bought lots!

We've also hit some more milestones - she finally started holding her own bottle a couple of weeks ago!! And just last week, she held and drank from her sippy cup! Hoorah! Selfishly, I was thrilled that she did the sippy cup with me, after months of hard work. I was so proud of her. And it was with MILK, no less! We've almost totally transitioned to whole milk from her formula. (as an aside, I'm not going to get into how I feel about last week's federal government ban of plastic baby bottle news just yet - that's for another post if I get around to it.)

She has also started dancing when she plays music on her LeapFrog table. It's awesome. She holds the table with one hand, and wiggles her bum from side to side with the music. Tonight she did it during the Backyardigans while standing against our ottoman... she loves the song they always sing at the end. I have videotaped it, and maybe one day if I actually have time to upload video I will!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

happy 1st birthday!

At exactly this time one year ago today, 8:05am on April 8 2007, Sara came into the world!

As I sit here quietly with my coffee I can hardly believe that one year ago right now I was in a hospital bed with an overwhelming blur of Ian, nurses, a special care team and an obstetrician who was actually up on the bed with me - I remember it so clearly even now. My labour was long, long, long, and sadly after a mere few hours of epidural bliss dozing, the epidural was turned off one hour into pushing because it wasn't going well. I thought, huh? What do you mean I'm not pushing? I know I can't feel anything, but....

Fast forward to two hours later. I was still pushing every few minutes, and the epidural's effects were long gone... so much for the "birth plan" you fill out! I was also hooked up to an IV because I had spiked a fever earlier. Pink Floyd and Van Morrison were alternating in our CD player and I had to laugh at the irony of "Comfortably Numb". I remember so clearly the intense pressure of each push, and they had started to use a vaccuum to help move things along. I'll tell you, as a girl growing up, you never quite imagine that one day you'll have a suction vaccuum stuck inside you. When no one would give in to my whimpering pleas for more epidural, I started crying and yelling "I can't do this anymore! I can't do it!" And in that moment suddenly there was a whoosh and release of pressure as her head came out (which I didn't even comprehend at that moment), people were shouting at me to do one more big push, and then.... I saw a wriggling, purply-faced, crying Sara held up in the air. And there it was. The most happy, incredulous, emotional moment of my entire life. She had to be looked after by the special care team before I could hold her because there had been muconium in the waters. I held my breath and tried to see what was happening, but Ian assured me she was ok. Soon she was wrapped up and brought over to me with her little hospital hat on, and I just cried as I met my little girl in person for the first time.

What an amazing year we have had together, and we're only just starting out. Look at you now - learning to walk, becoming more independent, communicating, and full of smiles and giggles!

I love you more than anything on earth, little one - Happy 1st birthday. I can't wait to get home for cuddles.